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Do You want to Re-code your ECu?

Most times when one replaces an ECU, one would need re-code the new ECU with the unique data from the original ECU to protect the integrity of the vehicle security and running data.

As a supportive service and an ECU specialist outfit , we able to code most truck and light vehicle including generator ECU’s and TCM’s to allow client to maintain the integrity of their engines functionality and security.

Our support team (ecurepairdoctors) specialize in transfer coding as a stand-alone or after-sales service for clients.

Note –We DO NOT disable immobilser security datasets for vehicles without supportive documentation and substantiation.

Search Rules

Ecuwarehouse, uniquely uses ECU and TCM part numbers to identify applicable controllers and NOT the car or truck brand , as ECU and TCM in most cases are applied to different vehicles in the same brand family.

It is very important to replace like-for-like. If the part numbers are the same, the part will be loaded with identcal software and hardware, making sure that it runs your car as the Maker intends.

If part numbers are slightly different, the part may run your vehicle but not as the Maker intended OR it may not run it at all.

If in doubt please call for assistance before final order placement.

ECu Part Number Rules

  • Bosch part numbers begin with 0 261 (petrol) or 0 281 (diesel)
  • Siemens part numbers begin with S
  • Magnetti Marelli part numbers start with IAW
  • Ford part numbers have 12A650 in the middle
  • Renault part numbers begin with HOM, 7700 or 8200
  • Honda part numbers begin with 37820
  • Toyota part numbers begin with 89661 (but some are slightly different)
  • Opel part numbers often start with 90, 09 or 55
  • VAG part numbers usually have 906 or 907 in the middle


ECU Diagnostics

We test and diagnose units with a 24-hour turn-around window to assure that all possible fault simulations are thoroughly undertaken over a measurable time with variable run-time functions.

Wide Range of Brands

With a robust selection of popular vehicles ECU brands on hand, as well as leading vehicles from BMW and Ford.

Trusted By Thousands

10 new offers every day. 350 offers on site, trusted by a community of thousands of users.

3 month Warranty on Service

We offer a standard industry warranty on electrical components on replacement or exchange units.